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Briana has been providing speech therapy to my grandson at his school once a week for the past six months. She did an initial assessment, which she shared with his mother and myself, from which she developed goals and an instructional plan. In addition to pronunciation, she also worked with him on syllabification, sentence structure and vocabulary. She used a variety of play-based strategies, my grandson enjoyed his sessions with her. She reported that he was motivated and hard-working, which I credit to her ability to develop a rapport with him.

In the past six months, I have been pleased to hear steady improvement with his speech. He is now almost entirely intelligible, uses many multi-syllabic words and colloquial expressions, and is able to communicate much more clearly with adults and his peers.  During this period, Briana was collaborative with his family and teachers. Briana is a talented, experienced speech therapist who is excels at working with young children. She was always responsive to my questions and concerns.  And most importantly, my grandson made excellent progress while working with her.

I unreservedly recommend Cornerstone Speech and Language Center.

Susan L.

Thank you so much for all your help, Brynn.  Becoming connected to you has been a blessing for us!  I am so excited to jump in.  I immediately started implementing the Family Meal scenario and it's already working!!  You would never believe how quiet and engaged dinner has been!  My kids even say they love it, and it's been the best thing.  I even got to eat!

Nicole M.

Briana worked with my 4 year old.  I can't say how wonderful Briana is and how far my daughter has come with her.  Riley would come home so excited on the days she worked with Briana and wanted to show me everything they did.  Riley and I had a great experience all around!

Heather S.

Brynn and the team at Cornerstone Speech and Language Center are fantastic.  They've made more progress with my son in a few months than years of school therapy.  I wish I'd found them sooner.  Brynn is caring and knowledgable.  She's been able to connect with my son in a way that he's a willing participant.

Tracy W.

My daughter is making great progress since starting to work with Briana.  She is amazing.

Louise O.

My daughter’s severe feeding issues have been extremely difficult for our family to manage. We have endured so much disappointment with providers over the past five years, and as a result, we were left with a desperate, rock-bottom feeling of isolation, anxiety, and uncertainty for our daughter’s future. Brynn’s approach has been the antithesis to everything we had grown accustomed to, and for that, we are so grateful. This is the first time in our very long and arduous feeding journey that we feel hopeful. Since data is constantly recorded and measured, we can see, with our own eyes, tangible and solid progress. Brynn makes the child’s family an integral part of the process, and informed of every step along the way. This is something we had never experienced before! We look forward to all the wonderful things our daughter (and family) will continue to gain from Brynn and Cornerstone.

Meredith J.

Testimonials: Testimonials
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