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A child’s relationship with food begins on the day they are born. Their ability to drink from a breast/bottle, transition to solid foods, sit at the table and begin eating “table foods,” lays the foundation not only for healthy eating habits but also their participation in mealtime for years to come. The primary goal of feeding/swallowing therapy is provide optimal nutrition and hydration to allow the child to grow and develop with their peers and at the same time making mealtime a pleasurable experience for the entire family.

Is your child experiencing any of the following?

  • Poor weight gain or diagnosis of failure to thrive

  • “Picky” eating being reported at 2 or more well child checks

  • Difficulty transitioning to the next stage of food (e.g. formula/breast milk to purees, purees to table foods, etc.)

  • Aversion of a specific food texture or nutrition group

  • An infant who cries/or arches during most meals

  • Family is frequently fighting about food and feeding

  • Ongoing choking, gagging or coughing during meals

  • Difficulty transitioning from tube to oral feedings

  • Food range of less than 20 foods

  • A child with a motor diagnosis (e.g. cerebral palsy) which requires a specialized feeding approach

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