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When a parent or guardian has concerns regarding their child's speech, language, social communication or feeding skills, the process to getting answers and help can be daunting.  As clinicians with experience in early intervention, preschool and school age services, we are here to help parents navigate the process.   We help families who wish to pursue private based support, often supplementing services provided by the county or school based services.  

The first step in the process is setting up an initial consultation where we conduct our dynamic assessment and meet with parents/guardians to share our initial impressions and create a treatment plan to prioritize the areas most impacting development.  Goals are generated and the frequency and duration that best fits the needs of each child/young adult are recommended.  Sessions are offered weekly and we pride ourselves on spending time with families, at the end of each session, to share the ways that goals can practiced on a daily basis.  In addition, we welcome and value the opportunity to collaborate with the any related professionals working with our students.  In this way, we create a connection and continued dialogue to best help each child/young adult meet their goals.

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