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The way we produce sounds has a large impact on our confidence and how others understand what we want to say.  Many children have difficulty accurately producing speech sounds. Does your child substitute one sound for another (e.g., “lellow” for ‘yellow’, “teef” for ‘teeth’, “tea” for ‘key’, “swide” for ‘slide’) or leave sounds or syllables off the beginning or end of words (e.g, “ephant” for ‘elephant’ “nana” for ‘banana’).  

Some children have difficulty with the motor planning aspect of speech (e.g., limited sound repertoire, difficulty with the accuracy to combine sounds to form words, groping). For such cases, we work to help children build a sound repertoire, then syllable structures, words, and phrases. The ultimate goal is for the child to have a set of functional vocabulary so they can communicate their needs and wants.  

Whether your child is struggling with articulation, phonology or motor planning, our highly trained and experienced staff utilize structured, systematic approaches to best help your child meet their full potential. We work closely with families and related professionals to optimize the benefits of therapy at home and at school.

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