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We provide expressive language therapy from toddlers to teenagers and beyond to support in areas such as:

  • Early Language Development-building the vocabulary necessary to help make communication effective to help decrease frustration while teaching parents the tools necessary to facilitate functional language across settings

  • Word Structure-using the correct verb tense, possessive, pronoun, plurals, etc.

  • Sentence Structure-formulating ideas with the correct word order such as subject-verb agreement

  • Vocabulary/Word Use-using words to reference the meaning of expressed ideas rather than nonspecific language such as "thing", "this", "it", etc.

  • Narrative Language-skills needed to tell a story to include the all parts of a story in order to share important details, be succinct and organized 

  • Descriptive Language-the ability to describe words based on 'what does is look like?' 'where do you find it?' 'what does it feel like?' 

  • Question Generation-asking "wh", "how" and yes/no questions

  • Sequencing Abilities

  • Higher Level Language-skills in the areas of inferencing, predicting, multiple meaning words, idioms,

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